Highlight Your Brand
Create market awareness!

Use all of the advertising advantages throughout the leading branding event of SEE region.

Your brandís logo will be printed on:
  • Consumers gift vouchers
  • Brand Fair 6ís central board during all press conferences
  • Brand Triumph Gate central board at the entrance of Hall II
  • VIP invitations for the Brand Fair6 Commencement and Award ceremonies
  • Visitorsí pamphlets
  • Central stage program
  • Visitorsí voting sheets
  • Large advertising areas /logos of all participating brands/
  • All promo materials before, during and after Brand Fair 6
  • Logo of your new product on visitorsí voting sheets for New Brand Idea Award /6.000 copies/

Additional promotion on:
  • Large areas near the central stage
  • Large banners
  • Extra large areas
  • Small banners
  • By branding smaller areas

Exploit the opportunity to distribute your promo materials during Brand Fair 6

Catch the visitorsí attention and become part of the visual image that media will broadcast.