What is Brand Fair?
Brand Fair is a MARKET

Brand Fair 6 is a highly profiled business-educational event dedicated to brands and advanced market communications.

Judged as a leading branding event by the business community in the SEE region, Brand Fair pursues the latest trends and branding dynamics, intensely encourages employment of branding and by setting highest standards for presentation builds an authentic atmosphere for a dialog between brands and all target groups thus creating prospects for development through presentations, promotions, events, lectures, business networking and so influences the market status, builds brand awareness, distinction from the competition, extends the market... increases the trade.

Brand Conference, the integral part of Brand Fair 6 is a three-day serial of complementary lectures, creative workshops, debates... Brand Conference was designed to educate, inform, inspire and encourage personal action and interaction, to initiate transfer of knowledge and experiences from global experts thus motivating the creation of new winning branding strategies applicable to all segments of business.

Brand Fair 6 is an ideal opportunity to expand your business network, create new contacts, compare experiences, promote new products and ideas, analyze market trends and acquire insights to evolving consumer behavior.

Brand Fair 6’s key word is TRADE with the focus on complex and currently precarious market conditions making the managers face up to new market challenges as well as changes in consumers’ behavior.