Mass Media International
About Us
Mass Media International was founded in 1992 in Belgrade and specialized in organizing major projects such as promotions, consultations, presentations, and professional assemblies:

The Traditional Regional Award BIZNIS PARTNER was established fourteen years ago (1995) to honor and generate public recognition for the efforts, accomplishments and positive contributions of the companies in nurturing good business practices, respecting business ethics and morals and appreciation of business partners, clients and customers.
It is presented to the companies and institutions from the region of South East Europe for business excellence, ethics and responsibility regardless of the industry.

The Investment Conference `The Economic Potentials of Serbia` was organized in cooperation with SEE Stability Pact and support of OECD, CEI and INSME.

BRAND FAIR International is an authentic interactive experience for CONSUMERS and BRANDS. Characterized as one of the major branding events in the region of Southeast Europe, it takes place at the beginning of each year.

BRAND CONFERENCE, , a three day serial of complementary lectures, creative workshops, debates, aiming to educate, inform, inspire, encourage interaction and initiate transfer of knowledge and experiences.
For the first time in the Region the exclusive lectures were held by the world renown experts:
Marc Gobe (USA), Martin Lindstrom (EU), Simon Anholt (England),
Kevin L. Keller (USA), Joerg Spreitzer (Austria), Charlie Crowe (England),
Jose Filipe Torres (Spain), managers of Interbrand, Bloom Consalting…,